Notes In Route

28 December, 2016:  Installation of new website on Lightsail with Ubuntu

Kupang West Timor is a city with hustle.  It is a university city with a young dynamic population and a beautiful tropical location.  We are here to carry out the formalities necessary to leave Indonesia.

We are cutting out Indonesia trip short and heading down to Darwin Australia and staying at the Cullen Bay Marina for 6 months.  There we will upgrade the hydraulic steering system and travel around Australia.

We really like Indonesia and plan to return soon.  One can not imagine the cultural and geographical diversity.

The photo above is in the Komodo Islands group.

We got a leak in the steering hydraulic line which we failed to fix, so in went the emergency tiller and we hand steered and finished our trip to Kumai on Borneo to see Orangutans.


We had a super dinner with Bo Niklasson, founder of the biotech company Apodemus, in his new penthouse flat in the Hägersten area of Stockholm.  His building is on the highest ground in the city; thus it has incredible views.  It was a beautiful evening and th BBQ steak was superb!

Views from Bo's house



While Susan and I were walking back from center Stockholm we startled to hear a voice calling, "Khun Dana". It was Khun Pena (second from the right) with two Thai and one Swedish friend. Pena was resort manager at Golden Buddha Beach Resort. She loves to travel and uses her salary and the off-season to go abroad. She has been to the USA, Russia and Italy in recent years. Obviously she is visiting Sweden this year. What a great surprise!




When in Sweden we live in Södermalm, an island south of the old town. The building dates from 1895 and first had pumbed hot water and proper heat added around 1975



We are back in Stockholm for the summer.  Today is Midsommarafton or Mid-summer Eve.  The weather is mild with a mix of sun and clouds, but no rain.  It's about 20C (67F). 

Susan and I had a sill (herring) and potatoes lunch and then walk about Södermalm near where we live.  It is QUITE.  There is virtually no traffic and everything is closed up.  I went to the grocery store this morning and things were a bit active, but it all stopped this afternoon.  Susan baked a fresh apple pie for us to have with tea when we returned home.  The tradition is to have strawberries, but we have had a lot of them lately.

If you would like to know more about the celebration of Midsommar in Sweden, see this YouTube clip.  It is funny and very true