Tasmania had as many wonders of nature as some continents!  The photos on the left was taken from the revived West Coast Wilderness Railway as it goes along the King River.  This railway was build in the 1890s to transport copper to Strahan from Queenstown and the Mt. Lyell mines.  It has a rack and pinion system to go up a 1:16 grade!

By the way, this railroad was not built by convict labor.  Much of Tasmania was first developed by the hands of convists that had been transported out to Tasmania as punishement.

The East coast of Tasmania has an unlimited supply of drop dead gorgeous white beaches and deep protected bays.

Like all of Australia, every small town has an block or two of genuine buildings from the late 1800's.  These are usually a bank, a post office (still in use as such) and a hotel/pub.  One could shoot an infinte number of cowboy westerns here.

Tasmania continues with many of the quirks of the big island.  Virtually every campground we stayed in had showers with water heads that pour masses of water on you.  In Thailand we called these "waterfall" showers.  Most cannot be regulated.  It's on or off.  Don't get me wrong, these are nice, but considering most of the east coast of Tasmania is like most of Australia's big island and quite limited supplies of fresh water.  It appears that water conservation is not to be done in the showers.

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