Susan enjoyed the fine wines of Coonawarra's red earth, then we headed down along Victoria's ocean highway with astonishing views.

From the coast we headed to lovely Melbourne where we were fortunate to have two beautiful days for walking about.  Our camp site was far out of town so it would be best to return and stay somewhere central.

The weather turned hot with 43C forecast in Melbourne so we headed out to the "alpine" region where it is only 41!  The good news was Susan got to taste some nice wines at Brown Brothers' cellar door where she came away with a bottle of mahogany red sparkling shiraz.

We drove up the valley from Beechworth (beautiful old buildings and great ice cream) to Bright and camped on the river.  Susan got to swim all she wanted in the swim hole there.  After a few days we continued up the valley to Mt. Hotham.  The lower valley is really beautiful, but as you start climbing up from the north you get to see thousands of acres of burnt forests.  It goes on and on.  The road is steep, curvey and the surroundings are depressing.  How sad to see so much forest burned!

Travels of the crew of Villa G