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We spend 3 nights at Puteri Harbour Marina located on the north shore of Johor Strait across from Singapore.  It is a part of the new city/county of Iskandar.  Very modern with masses of ongoing construction.  Adjacent to the marina is a harbour for ferry boats going to Singapore and Indonesia, thus checkout facilities were nearby.  The marina provides assistance with the check-in and checkout as well as transportation to a shopping mall and a Tesco.

We motored the 50 sea miles from Puteri to our first entry into Indonesia, Nongsa Point Marina on Batam Island.  The whole trip is along side Singapore Harbour, the large vessel lanes or across the large vessel lanes.  Our good luck was having a strong current with us virtually the whole day.  We arrived at Nongsa Point by 2pm local time and were met by a skilled staff.

This is a very attractive marina associated with a huge resort consisting of acres of chalets (bungalows), but it is a long way from the city or any other places to shop or eat.  Those boats just coming in from the Sail2Indonesia Rally feel like they have come to heaven after several months of sailing and anchoring, but we are ready to get going southward.

We plan to leave Nongsa Point on 9 October and go to Kumai on Borneo's Kalimantan coast.  The point of this venture is to visit an Orangutan reserve up in the jungles.  More on this when we have been there.