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VillaG in the half empty, but very pleasant Admiral Marina.

The photo above is a Dyneema soft shackle that connected the traveler with the main sheet block.  This broke as we entered the sea in a squall Sunday morning leaving Penang resulting in the booming swing from side to side.  Our boom is a Leisure Furl boom and is HEAVY, so it is bad for it to be uncontroled.  It took some creative thinking to deal with!  So that was the excitement for the first day on our cruise between Penang and Singapore.

Yesterdays cruise had many hours of calm winds and boredom, followed by two hours when we had nothing but heavy rain and the worst lightning I have ever experienced before entering Port Dickson.  It began at 4am and stored just in time to enter the Marina.  Fortunately, we had threaded through the cargo ship anchorage outside of Port Klang two hours before the storm.

That is Geron of Onmichi Marine in Penang delivering the Sea Bunny's new outboard engine which we shall drop off in Nongsa Point Indonesia.  He was concerned we might forget to give it to the Kidd's, so wanted photo proof that it had been delivered.  Geron is a great guy.  Previously he and his family took us to a seafood dinner by the seaside in Penang with our mutual friends the Langfords of SV Crystal Blues.