Notes In Route

While Penang is less than a hundred miles from Thailand, it could be near Shanghai.  The island is three quarters Chinese who speak Mandarin, English and probably Malay.  They are quite friendly and true capitalists, no business opportunities are missed.  And by comparison to Thailand the food is bland with msg and soy sauce the major flavoring agents.  Fortunately there is a good supply of Indian restaurants with a huge variety of spice.  Of course fresh fish is perfect when streamed with soy sauce and a bit of ginger.


In the picture above are Lyn and Geron who run the Onomichi Marine Enterprise which sells outboard boat engines.  They are friends of Neil and Ley of Crystal Blues.  Geron and his family treated us to a superb fresh seafood dinner last Sunday. 


That is Susan with Geron's kids and Lyn (right) at our dinner table.  Note the floating mosque in the background as well as the backdrop of Penang's many high rise apartment houses.

I am certainly no expert on Chinese culinary convention, but pleased that Penang breaks the dim sum only in the morning one.  We have enjoyed two dinners with dim sum as seen in the above photos.


If you are lucky enough to get to Penang, then I think you will wish to take advantage of this food map put together by Neil and Ley.  It has the super dim sum place, the restaurant under the shade tree with select yourself fresh seafood, good India food and the largest selection of vegetarian food I have ever seen at the Buddish Vegetarian Restaurant on Dicken's stree.