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We made a 14 day visit to Burma (Myanmar) in Janaury 2013.  Following the consistent advice from people who had recently visited Burma, we used Exotissiomo Travel in Bangkok to arrange things.  In the past two years tourist visits have increased substantially and overwhelmed the limited availability of hotels, flights and English speak guides.  Exotissimo did and excellent job and all arrangements worked fine.  There were no "no shows", mix-ups or other disappointments.  However, being on a set itinerary was a bit stressful as we have not done this before.  Well, not since visiting the Soviet Union in 1978.


Burma is a big country, but few highways and major centers.  We stuck to the typical spots beginning with a flight on Air Asia to Mandalay from Bangkok.  Ground and air between Mt. Popa, Bagan, Inle Lake and Rangoon (Yangon).  We definitely want to see the coast, but that will have to wait another trip.


All the people we met were friendly except for the manager of the Blue Bird Hotel in Bagan.  He is a farang with a poor attitude.  That said, the food at the Blue Bird was exceptional.

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